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Senior Capstone Project

The philosophy of the Capstone project is based on the notion that students should not only be equipped to enter college, but also that they should have many of the skills necessary to thrive in college.  We strive to ensure that our graduates have mastered three essential skills:  the ability to find the information that they need, the ability to clearly organize their ideas in both written and oral forms, and the ability to defend their ideas in a convincing and compelling manner.  We believe that if students can do these three things well, they will experience success in college and beyond.

For the Capstone project, students choose a social justice topic that they have developed an opinion or concern about over the past few years.  Students cultivate an opinion about the topic and why this issue needs to be addressed, changed, or why people must become more aware of the issue.  The girls write a formal research paper integrating their ideas and opinions with those of experts, advocates, and people that are affected by the topic.  Finally, they create a presentation that they deliver to a panel of judges, which provides the students with an authentic opportunity for academic discussion.  Some past topics have included: the dangers of genetically-modified organisms in our food supply, the effect of hip-hop culture on the objectification of women in our society, the proliferation and prevention of date rape on college campuses, and the effect of video game violence on the social development of youth.   

The Capstone course is designed to help students understand the economic system of our nation and how it compares to those of other nations, as well as examining how one’s actions can have a profound impact on their society and the world. Students integrate knowledge, skills, and practices required for management of resources in a technologically expanding global economy. We analyze the structure and foundations of different economies, governments, and societies in order to understand how an individual affects and impacts their world.  We learn tenets and philosophies of social justice and social justice advocacy, and what it means to live in a just society.

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