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Josephinum Academy of the Sacred Heart, Chicago's longest-standing Catholic girls high school, presents its annual fundraising gala on Saturday, Sept. 30 at the InterContinental Hotel Chicago, 505 N. Michigan Ave. Proceeds from the gala support Josephinum Academy's mission to ensure that all girls in Chicago have access to a transformative college-preparatory education.
Today we visited Vincennes Learning Garden on the South Side, where we cleared weeds, shoveled compost and learned about community gardens. Martha and Deb run the garden, which produces beans, tomatoes, peppers and kale. We worked there in the morning and then returned to Josephinum.
Today, with an early start we had breakfast and walked to the Thiele Center, in the St. Aloysius Parish, right near Josephinum. We packed bags with non-perishables like canned veggies, pasta, Pop Tarts, and more. After a little while, half of the group walked back to Josephinum to make sandwiches while the rest of the group handed out the rest of the packages of food to the clients of the Thiele Center.
Wednesday started off with a late wake up. Once chores were done, everyone gathered upstairs for some breakfast quesadillas. An alumna from Josephinum, Ashley Galvan, came and spoke to us about Logan Square. This area if one of many in Chicago that has issues with gentrification and the rising costs of basic necessities in neighborhoods that once belonged to lower income families.
We started our day off with our daily chores and then headed off to Pilsen, a neighborhood in Southeast Chicago. Upon arrival, we were greeted by two current Josephinum students who proceeded to show us around their neighborhood. Some highlights were the neighborhood murals and the Mexican museum.
It was an eventful day for the students at Josephinum's Food Desert Service Program. We started our day with different chores. We watered the Jo Garden, got breakfast ready, and later proceeded to learn about the origins of Food Deserts and why they still exist. We were asked to create a meal under $20 that included the correct amount of grain, protein, dairy, fruit, and vegetables.
We waited anxiously to meet all of our service participants. Once everyone arrived, we brought them to Josephinum Academy of the Sacred Heart, where they dropped their bags and finally got to have lunch. After taking some time to unpack and get settled we all met up in the garden. The girls introduced themselves and got to meet flat Philippine Duchesne. The entire Sacred Heart Network is celebrating the 200th anniversary of Philippine's arrival in North America and the beginning of Sacred Heart schools in the U.S., so we are excited to spend our week with flat Philippine.
I love my school. That being said, usually when I tell people that I go to an all-girls school, I get some odd reactions. They range from the confused "Why?" to the (misplaced) sympathetic "That must be so difficult!" Why do people react like this?
Dear Josephinum Community, I am delighted to announce that the Board of Directors has selected Patti Tuomey, Ed.D., as the next president of Josephinum Academy of the Sacred Heart. Patti was selected following a highly competitive national search. She inspired us with her leadership skills, her engaging manner, and her immediate connection to and appreciation for Josephinum's mission.
Josephinum Academy (the Jo) seeks an enthusiastic and visionary leader as its next President. This is an exciting opportunity for an inspired and inspiring educational leader who wants to make a true impact on the community. The next President will have an insatiable desire to lead by example and motivate a variety of constituents to strive for continual improvement.
A note from President Michael Dougherty and Chair of the Board of Directors John Engel.
Earlier this school year, Josephinum Academy participated in a poster competition in which students from Illinois were invited to create a poster that promotes learning Spanish, Portuguese, and/or foreign languages in general. This event was hosted by an organization called the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP). The theme of the competition was: "Open doors with Spanish."
Josephinum Academy has recently undergone an important change in leadership.
"...our impulses are too strong for our judgement sometimes." -Thomas Hardy (Tess of the d'Urbervilles) The Josephinum Theatre has recently performed and showcased "The Two Gentlemen of Verona" by William Shakespeare on February 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, and 10th. Though Shakespeare's creations have a reputation for being quizzical and/or complicated, the cast and crew completed the admirable task of successfully translating Shakespeare's text through their hard work.
The first month of the new year is almost up girls! Have you been keeping up with your New Year's resolutions? If your answer is "I didn't make one" then it isn't too late! Coming up with a resolution is nothing easy so I've come with with the top five way to make a fun and exciting New Year's Resolution and some encouragement on how to keep them!

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