Board of Directors

The Sisters of Christian Charity organized Josephinum Academy's inaugural Board of Directors in 1985 to assume governing, legal and financial responsibility for the school. Today, guided by the Goals and Criteria of the Sacred Heart Network of Schools, board members are fully committed to the mission of Josephinum and pledge their support to its students, faculty, and staff.

2023-2024 Board of Directors

Janet LougéeBenjamin D. Ivory | Chair
Benjamin D. Ivory  | Vice-Chair
Susanne M. Sullivan | Vice-Chair
David O'Neill | Treasurer
Mary Frohlich, RSCJ | Secretary
Richard McMenamin, President

Jacqueline Beale-DelVecchio
Peter Beale-DelVecchio
Cathy Brennan
Terry Broccolo
Jennifer Christensen
Matt Connelly
Mary DeCresce
Amy DeVore
Lee Ann Hoover
Fr Stephen Katsouros, S.J.
Sr. Bonnie Kearney, RSCJ
Christine Montenegro McGrath
Meghan M. Murphy
Nancy Remy O'Neill
Desirée Pepper-Venzant
Corina Perez
Jane Steinfels
Stacie Thompson
Diane Remien Tymick


Honorary Directors

Mimi Brault
Michael Brennan
Sandra Cisneros '72
Robert E. Curley | Vice-Chair Emeritus
Michaela and Peter D'Arrigo
Catherine and James Denny
Helene Donahue
Christine Finzer
Stephanie Foye and Charles Schrank
Ann and Patrick Gallagher
James Hayes
Mary Jo and Melvin Howard
Kathy Jackson
Anne Jenkins
Juliette Lane
Diane McKeever
Joan Turner McKeever and William McKeever
Elizabeth McEnaney
Christopher McNulty
James McNulty
William and Rosemary McNulty
Donald Mrozek
Ernie Mrozek
Leanne Neurauter
Jeanne and J. Kevin Poorman
Anita and Mark Prince
Terry Rozdolsky
Helen Bruns Ryan | Chair Emerita
Lawrence and Elizabeth Ryan
Jacqueline and R. Matthew Simon
Sheila Smith
Fr. Don Senior, CP
Msgr. Kenneth Velo 

Advisory Board

Sheila Brennan
Alan Denton
Suzanne Franklin
Susan Maxwell, RSCJ
Jeff and Jill McClusky
Timothy Sullivan