Through a dynamic and rigorous college-preparatory curriculum that also incorporates a commitment to the goals and criteria of the Sacred Heart Network, we seek to educate our students to be creative thinkers, problem solvers, effective communicators, self-regulated learners, collaborators, responsible citizens, committed to justice, and spiritual and ethical persons.

Josephinum’s vibrant faculty takes a student-centered approach to education. They utilize a variety of teaching strategies to foster an engaging classroom environment that promotes inquiry-based learning and self-discovery. In addition, they challenge students to critically analyze the world in which they live, while emphasizing the importance of cross-cultural perspectives, further developing their students as global citizens. Our faculty members understand the importance of reflection, and they encourage students to reflect on their own learning, as well as the learning process.

Josephinum's academic program not only prepares students for success in college and career, but teaches them to live their lives with meaning and purpose through service to their community and others. This holistic approach to education helps our students become entrepreneurs, changemakers, peacemakers, and values-based thought leaders with tremendous potential.

To learn more about Josephinum's school practices and policies, please review our Student/Family Handbook.

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