Jo girl in the science lab

College Prep for Every Student

As a college-preparatory high school, Josephinum Academy offers students a challenging academic curriculum and the support girls need to achieve their highest potential. Our college-prep academic program is designed to not only prepare students for college academically, but to teach them to be independent thinkers and creative problem solvers. Equipped to share their perspective with strong written and verbal communication skills and a passion to have their voices heard. 

Highlights of the Josephinum curriculum include:

  • Rigorous, vertically-integrated curriculum: each subject continuously builds on the skills and content they learn each year, connecting ideas and experiences over their 4 years

  • College preparatory classes: opportunities to earn college credit and gain relevant experience to prepare for college with AP courses and dual enrollment with City Colleges (beginning with the Class of 2022), as well as the College Prep course they complete their junior year

  • Interdisciplinary, Fine Arts, and STEM courses and extracurricular activities to cultivate passion in what the students want to learn and create connections within their classes, within themselves, and with the real-world

  • Close-knit community and family-feel within a larger, global community: small class sizes, small student to faculty ratio, dedicated staff and administration as well as a larger global network that provides opportunities for students to travel, meet people from around the world, and learn about social issues that different people face from different communities.

  • Real-world learning opportunities that give students opportunities to work in internships, meet and learn from professionals in different industries, connect with our large and thriving alumnae network, and explore career options.

  • Holistic Learning Opportunities: enrichment opportunities and clubs, community-enriching events throughout the year, varsity sports, student leadership, etc.

  • Holistic Student Supports: Advisory, Multi-tiered support system (MTSS), Sophie Scholars, Social-emotional learning (SEL) in and out of the classrooms, executive functioning taught in every subject, counseling and college counselors readily available

  • Student-centered, personalized learning that promotes research, reading, writing, and critical thinking skills within each student: Our Heart Capstone project students complete their senior year allows students to create a research-based project based on a subject that they are passionate about and want to explore. This individual skill development is also built into every course, every year they are a student.

  • Service and spirituality development: students will all take part in service learning opportunities as well as faith-based classes that help them explore aspects of who they are as well as their place within a larger community.