College Readiness

College Readiness


Josephinum Academy is a college preparatory school for young women.  Therefore, the school offers many opportunities for students to become fully prepared for college life, before graduating from Josephinum.  It is the school’s intention to help students prepare for, get accepted to, be able to pay for, and acquire the skills necessary to graduate from college.  Josephinum offers students college readiness support through both courses and culminating capstone projects.  

ACT Preparation                                                                                         
Grade: 11

The ACT Prep Class is designed to prepare students to take the ACT by equipping them with skills and test-taking strategies to improve their score. The class will cover content and strategies for English, Math, Reading, Science, and the optional essay. During ACT prep, students complete practice tests and sections to become familiar with the types and phrasing of ACT questions so there aren't any surprises during the actual test. ACT prep teaches students proven strategies that help them improve their standardized test understanding and performance
**ACT Preparation is assessed as a ‘Pass/Fail’ class.**

Junior College & Career Preparation
Grade: 11

During the course students will explore their interests in relation to prospective careers, searching and creating materials to set themselves up for the field of interest, and begin to create a pathway to their future post secondary education.
**College and Career Readiness is assessed as a ‘Pass/Fail class.**


Senior College & Career Preparation
Grade: 12

The purpose of this one-semester course is to provide Seniors at Josephinum Academy with preparation for the College application process and Post-high school life. Students will work through all of the components of their college application, including, but not limited to, essay writing, common ap., financial aid, and scholarships. Additionally, students will be exposed to various career paths and certifications that meet a student’s aspirations and interests. These careers may or may not require college education.
**College and Career Readiness is assessed as a ‘Pass/Fail’ class.**