Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Courses in Fine Arts are intended to help students develop the skills, discipline, and creativity required for quality productions in the arts, as well as appreciation of the techniques and masterpieces of great artists and major artistic movements.  Development of these and other forms of artistic expression are also encouraged in other settings such as student activities and productions, Campus Ministry, community arts programs, and similar opportunities. In all Fine Arts classes it is individual growth that we measure. All students are taken as their own person, with their own particular creative talents and needs.  Our job is to help identify how the student needs to stretch and expand their artistic and creative self. Through the arts, our students learn to be imaginative and inquisitive. They learn to become critical thinkers, effective communicators, and problem solvers. They learn the importance of teamwork, how to support each other through difficult times, and what it means to truly rely on one another. They learn the importance of meeting deadlines, following through on their work, and being responsible. Most importantly, our Arts program gives our students the opportunity to be heard- a platform from which to share their voices, and this is perhaps, in and of itself, one the most important gifts we can give a young woman.

Grade 10 

The purpose of this course is: to introduce theatrical movement forms and techniques. Students will learn how to analyze and interpret ideas from a physical standpoint, will develop the ability to take direction, think creatively, be an organized and serious student who is prepared for class on a daily basis, and demonstrate the ability to create character, partner well, and function as part of an ensemble. This class is designed to give students an opportunity to learn how their body works as a physical instrument, an emotional instrument, a partnering instrument, and an analytical instrument. Grid, Mask, LABAN, and Stage Combat are among the topics explored. Assessments will be given through journals, papers, performance, and participation.  

Script Analysis                                                                                       
Grade 10

This course is designed to give the student a concentrated study of a major playwright’s works. By focusing on one great author (or playwright), the student will learn a deeper understanding of the English language, and of dramatic structure. Assessments will be given through papers and interpretive performance. Students are required to attend a professional show on their own as part of this class. Past playwrights have included Shakespeare, Albee, Macleod, Stoppard, Ionesco, Vogel, Webster, Silver, Gilman, Chekhov, and Wilson.

Speech and Debate                                                                               
Grade 10

This class is designed to teach the student how to structure their opinions. This is done through an exploration of great speeches throughout history and key speeches in a specific genre. Assessments will be given through Written Speeches, Performance, and Papers. Topics covered include Political speeches, Sermons, Stand Up, Eulogies, and Biographies. This is a semester-long class.

Acting Studio I                                                                                     

This course explores the creative methods used in becoming a successful storyteller. An emphasis is placed on understanding the basic elements of physical communication, dramatic structure, and oral interpretation. On a regular basis, students will rehearse and perform projects that stress creative visualization, communication feedback, and collaboration.
Testing Requirement: Students are required to participate in performances as articulated by the teacher.

Acting Studio II                                                                                     
Grade 12

The Advanced Studio course continues and deepens the students' exploration of the creative process. Students will experience many different roles with which a theater professional may be challenged. During the class they will be asked to direct, design, research, and perform. There is a strong focus on the creation of artistic opinion, team building, leadership, and the collaborative effort. The class culminates in a production. No matter what the student’s experience level, the acting classes will serve to teach partnering and dramatic structure in the moment. The class consists of two parts, first, analysis of a selection of plays that are individualized to the student, and second, to produce the semester’s school play. Assessments will be given through journals, papers, performance, and participation. Additionally, students are required to attend two professional plays on their own.
Testing Requirement: Students are required to participate in performances as articulated by the teacher.

Introduction to Visual Arts                                                                         
Grade 10

The purpose of this course is to introduce The Elements of Art and The Principles of Design and how to apply these universal ingredients effectively to create balanced and cohesive artistic compositions. Students will make works of art in a variety of media including collage, drawing, clay, and acrylic painting in the exploration of these concepts. Students will also build their visual literacy by becoming fluent with key concepts and artistic vocabulary, as well as identifying important art and artists throughout history.

Grade 11

This year-long painting course introduces students to a variety of painting methods, concepts, materials, and techniques. Students will learn to study form and the effects of light by the use of accurate color mixing, value, and drawing. Projects and exercises will range in scope from “realistic” painting techniques to contemporary abstraction. Students will work with a variety of painting media including oil painting, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, and mixed media. In context with each project, students will be introduced to important art historical movements and artists.

Digital Art & Design and/or Painting                                                
Grade 12

This year long course is for advanced level art students in their Senior year that want to further explore their artistic practice and develop a professional portfolio for college or professional purposes. The course will expand upon art mediums used in previous years, as well as introduce new ones.