Physical Education & Health

Physical Education & Health


"Comprehensive physical development and health programs offer great potential for enhancing the capacity of students' minds and bodies. The benefits include promoting a healthy generation of students who are able to achieve their highest potential." (from 1997 Illinois Learning Standards) This expresses well the focus and intent of this curricular area.  The goals of the program foster healthy decision-making in the home, workplace, and social setting for oneself and others.  

Physical Education                                                                         
Grades 9-10

Physical education offers opportunities for all students to participate fully and explore a wide range of activities. Students will be exposed to new ideas and experiences. Equipment and activities are modified as needed to meet students’ developmental needs. Students develop self-confidence through participation in cooperative and competitive activities. Physical education instruction focuses on developing the knowledge, attitudes, motor skills, behavioral skills, and confidence needed to adopt and maintain physically active lifestyles. Curriculum is aligned with Common Core Health and Physical Education standards

Grade 9

Health is a required academic class, designed to challenge students to understand the role of mental, physical, and emotional health in their everyday lives; to extend their thinking about health issues; to reinforce their knowledge; and to apply their knowledge to new situations. This course will cover a variety of topics that will aid students in establishing a solid foundation of health skills. The content covered in this course includes: making healthy decisions, healthy nutrition, achieving good mental and emotional health, promoting safe and healthy relationships, personal care and hygiene, the human body systems, human growth and development, tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use, diseases and disorders, and sexual education.