Uniforms and Dress Code


The majority of school days, Josephinum Academy students are expected to wear an official school uniform. Top options include: a monogrammed purple polo, a short or long sleeve Sacred Heart t-shirt, or Josephinum sweatshirt. Additionally, students are required to have grey bottoms (skirt, pants, or long shorts). If you'd like to purchase a gray skirt or pants via Schoolbelles, you must first register for an account at http://www.schoolbelles.com/register. From there, you may purchase uniform items by typing our code s2361 under "School Code" in the "Shop By School" section in the top left corner of the website. Schoolbelles also offers some top options as well. 

Shoes or boots of all colors are acceptable, including gym shoes. In warmer weather, students may wear open-toed shoes with back straps, but not flip flops or other sandals without backs.

Guidelines for "out of uniform" days can be found in the Student/Family Handbook, as well as within the Uniform Information Sheet.