Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!

Important News about 4th Quarter Return to School

With the students at the forefront of all our decisions, it is important for us to come back together to transition to learning in community. Josephinum students will continue to participate in digital learning for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. However we will introduce a hybrid model starting April 12th to begin our transition back to campus. The primary mode of instruction will remain virtual while those in the building will be safely spread out in large spaces and breaking off into smaller clusters for classes. All students will be supervised. We will offer team building and social emotional centered activities to support our students as they ease out of quarantine and reacclimatize themselves with the school environment.

COVID-19 era temperature checks at the Jo

Frequently Asked Questions

An updated FAQ for the new 4th quarter spring reopening is in progress and will be posted soon.  If you have specific questions you would like addressed, please send them to Principal Schrantz at colleen.schrantz@josephinum.org or Director of Curriculum, Renee Vai at renee.vai@josephinum.org.

Digital Learning at the Jo

At the Jo, we are fortunate to have a close-knit community of hard-working students, committed families and innovative and dedicated educators. Because of these close relationships, Digital Learning actually lends itself to more personalized learning that can have tremendous advantages over traditional classroom models.  Learn more about how the Jo will implement Digital Learning this year and the important policies and processes that will make it a success.  Download the updated Digital Learning presentation for more details. 

Updated COVID-19 Policies and Procedures 

Please consult the updated (March 2021) Spring Reopening Guide for important information about the following topics. 

  • COVID-19 policies
  • School schedule
  • Building access policies 
  • Health and safety guidelines
  • Attendance/Absenteeism policies
  • Discipline-related Policies
  • Academic Policies (also found on Digital Learning page)
  • Much more