An Important Update From Josephinum

An Important Update From Josephinum

Dear Josephinum Community,

As you may have seen in recent news articles, Josephinum Academy’s property at 1501 N. Oakley Blvd has been listed for sale. As a valued member of our community, we will keep you updated with more information related to the property, our next steps, and how you can be involved. Our Board of Directors, in collaboration with the school’s Leadership Team, is working to solidify our next steps and plan for the bright future of The Jo, which includes making an offer to purchase the current location. 

In Summary

  • Josephinum Academy of the Sacred Heart has proudly educated and empowered young women in Chicago since 1890. 
  • We remain as committed as ever to educational equity and our mission to serve and educate the leaders, visionaries, and changemakers of tomorrow.
  • Josephinum will continue to offer an outstanding college-preparatory high school experience with significant opportunities for innovation, creativity, and community engagement.
  • Our diverse learning community is dedicated to a holistic approach to education, preparing our students to be globally-minded and use their voices to bring about change within their communities.

About the building and our relationship with the Sisters of Christian Charity

  • Josephinum is deeply grateful to the Sisters of Christian Charity (SCC) who founded the school in 1890 and provided decades of faith-filled leadership, and operational and financial support. 
  • Josephinum leases its Wicker Park property (1501 N. Oakley Blvd.)—our only location—from the Sisters of Christian Charity (SCC).
  • In 1985, the SCC stepped back from their administrative and financial responsibilities. In response, Josephinum Academy formed its own Board of Directors that has overseen operations for the last 38 years.
  • Moving forward, the school will continue to operate under the guidance of the Board of Directors and the Religious of the Sacred Heart.
  • In 2020, the SCC informed Josephinum Academy’s Board of Directors that the school’s lease would not be renewed upon its expiration in June 2025. Since then, the Board has been evaluating a wide range of options to best serve future generations of students.
  • The property is now for sale and the Board is preparing to make an offer to the SCC. 

What you can do

  • Pray for our leaders, our Board, and our school. For over 130 years, Josephinum has provided exceptional education to girls in Chicago—and we plan to continue this powerful mission moving forward. 
  • Share your memories, experiences, or stories of The Jo with us by emailing
  • Stay tuned for more information related to the property, our next steps, and how you can be involved.


  • Your experience at Josephinum Academy of the Sacred Heart will remain high quality in every way.
  • Student success at Josephinum is our priority. Our faculty and staff’s primary focus is and will continue to be our students.
  • We’ll continue to be a safe, consistent presence for you for years to come. 
  • We see you. We value you. We celebrate you. We are proud to have you as a Josephinum student and future graduate.

Parents & Guardians- 

  • Your daughter’s experience at The Jo is our priority. We are here for her academic success, emotional development, and spiritual growth. 
  • Our faculty and staff will remain focused on our students as the property negotiation and fundraising are underway.
  • We have a solid network of support and highly engaged donors and partners who believe in Josephinum’s mission and future. Most of all, these donors believe in our students—your children—and want to continue our tradition of excellent education for them. 

Faculty & Staff-

  • As we enter an exciting new chapter, a cross-functional team is helping us imagine and plan for the future of our physical space. 
  • Principal Schrantz is a key member of this team, and we will seek your input throughout the process. 
  • Your focus on students remains your priority. We know that when alumnae reflect on their time at The Jo, they specifically acknowledge the dedication of our dynamic faculty and staff. You make The Jo experience what it is! 
  • Most of all, thank you! We are so grateful for your dedication to the mission of Josephinum Academy.


  • You are part of a unique legacy of academic excellence and educational equity for women in Chicago. 
  • We are proud to have you as a valued member of our community and are committed to celebrating you and your success.
  • As we look to the future, we invite your support and encouragement as we evolve and grow to serve tomorrow’s student.

Donors & Supporters- 

  • Your past support of Josephinum Academy provides access to high-quality, faith-filled education to girls in Chicago, regardless of financial means. We would not be where we are today without you. 
  • With your help, we've been able to provide our students with an adaptive educational experience to keep up with evolving educational trends.
  • Your future support of The Jo will help us pave the way to our future, secure our location, and invest in even more opportunities and growth for the students we serve. We cannot take our next steps without you.

We are committed to keeping you updated on information related to the property, our next steps, and how you can be involved. Stay tuned!