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How is IB different than AP?

Advanced Placement (AP) courses and the International Baccalaureate (IB) program are designed to provide opportunities beyond what the high school curriculum traditionally offers.

AP and IB are different in the teaching methods and final examinations.

The IB Program combines advanced content knowledge with a focus on the development of critical and analytical thinking and an appreciation of global issues. Students in the program engage in extracurricular activities that demand creativity, action, and service.

IB assessments include lab work for science, papers for English and the social sciences, oral presentations or exams in English and foreign (world) language, portfolios in math and computer science, and various projects such as journals and art books in the electives.

AP is focused on a memorized learning technique and standardized testing. A graduate of an IB School once said: “IB taught me how to think while AP taught how to take the test”.

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