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Announcing Josephinum's NEW Cubs Charities Diamond Project Softball Field!

The Josephinum Academy softball field was first created for the school under the leadership of Mrs. Helen Ryan and Bonnie Kearney, RSCJ, over three decades ago. It was their hope and commitment to create a well-rounded experience for Josephinum students through outdoor activity.

After years of use, our staff and board decided to refurbish the field for our students and the Josephinum community. We owe our thanks to Chicago Cubs Charities Diamond Project for our new field, along with the Big Shoulders Fund, Sue and Tim Sullivan, Scott Byron and Company, American National Sprinkler and Lighting, and many other donors. It has been reinvented as not only a softball field, but also for soccer practice, and an outdoor space for the school.

Our new athletic campus is also available for rent during times when not utilized by the Josephinum community. For rental opportunities and partnership guidelines please email rentals@josephinum.org.

Go Cougars!

Whether you enjoy a competitive soccer game or a casual jog with friends, Josephinum’s Health and Wellness Program has what you need to stay engaged, healthy, and active.

Josephinum Athletics is proud to announce that we will be joining the Chicago Prep Conference beginning in Fall of 2018. Students will have the opportunity to compete in volleyball, basketball, soccer, and softball. As a member of a Josephinum team, you'll find inspiration from our dedicated coaches and build long-lasting friendships with your teammates. Plus, you’ll have the entire Jo community cheering you on from the sidelines!

Erik Ziolkowski
Athletic Director
(773) 276-1261


A big thank you to the generous sponsors of our new Cubs Diamond Project softball field and Josephinum Athletic Campus!

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