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Posted 04/14/2015 10:46AM

Have you ever been so stressed or have so much to do that you just decide not to do anything at all? Well, that's "Senioritis" in a nutshell.

"Senioritis" can strike during first semester or second semester, but regardless of when it hits, it always has the same effects: procrastination, stress, anxiety, and low grades. So, you get your first college acceptance letter. YAY! And you begin thinking that you don't have to work hard in high school anymore because colleges have already accepted you, right? WRONG! Colleges can retract their acceptance letters at any time if your grades drop, which is, for lack of a better word, bad.

If you decide that you don't have to do work anymore, or that you'll just "do it tomorrow", you're going to be in a rush all the time, which may lead to not doing your homework at all. Speaking of procrastination, I was supposed to write this blog post during Thanksgiving break ... and here we are in April with school ending in about a month and a half. PROCRASTINATION IS BAD! Don't let the temptations of slacking off detour you from what's really important: graduating.

Just imagine that you've been procrastinating, and you have a whole semester's worth of homework due a week before report cards. So, in order to graduate you need to do every missing assignment before grades close. Then the anxiety kicks in. Am I going to finish in time? I've never even had a C on my report card! My mom is going to kill me. Now, since you've done all of this (or should I say haven't done all of this), your grades are terrible and you have to suffer the consequences of your poor choices. That is not a scenario that you want for yourself. So Juniors ... trust me ... avoid "Senioritis" at all cost!

- Aixa

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