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Summer Service: Food Deserts Day 3
Posted 06/21/2017 09:49AM

All week, we will be sharing updates and reflections from the students and faculty participating in the Sacred Heart Summer Service Food Deserts Program at Josephinum Academy of the Sacred Heart. For more information on Josephinum or Sacred Heart Summer Service, please contact info@josephinum.org.

Food Deserts Day 3

By: Kailey and Alex

We started our day off with our daily chores and then headed off to Pilsen, a neighborhood in Southeast Chicago. Upon arrival, we were greeted by two current Josephinum students who proceeded to show us around their neighborhood. Some highlights were the neighborhood murals and the Mexican museum.

After a quick snack in the nearby park, we walked back to St. Pius V. We were given an introduction by Socorro, the director of the food pantry. Shortly after we packed a few boxes with food, we went to a local grocery store and picked out the food for our $20 meal, which was taco bowls. When we returned to St. Pius V church, we were blessed with a meal of traditional Mexican rice, tamales, and chicken by Socorro and her colleagues.

After the amazing meal we returned to packing the last items into boxes including meat, fruit, dairy items, vegetables, canned goods, and other necessities. During the distribution of the boxes of food we realized there were more people than boxes of quality food. We were then forced to make do with less fresh food, and the options were lower quality. This experience showed us how much each box meant to the clients receiving the small amount of food, which is expected to last them a month.

After our service we returned back to Josephinum and prepared our taco bowls and quesadillas. After dinner we reflected on our days including the upsides of serving at St. Pius V and the downsides. Then we did a gift exchange in the gym where everyone received a piece of merchandise from another network school. We finished the day off with much needed free time.

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