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Why All Girls?

At Josephinum Academy, the valedictorian, the most athletic, the funniest, and the star of the school play are all girls. Why is this so important to us? We believe that an all-girls environment creates a culture of achievement in which academic progress and individual development are valued and celebrated. The classroom dynamics shift and girls are more likely to focus on their work and get involved in extra-curricular school activities. Here are some statistics from the Fordham Urban Law Journal and the National Coalition of Girls Schools that demonstrate the value of a girl-centered education:

  • Nearly 75% of girls attending girls' schools say that the experience taught them that women can accomplish anything; girls' school graduates demonstrate more self-confidence and ambition
  • 83% of girls' school graduates perceive themselves to be better prepared for college than female counterparts from coeducational high school
  • 91% of graduates say that attending a girls' school helped them focus on academics and encouraged them to test their intellectual limits
  • 13% of girls' school graduates major in math, science, and technology while only 2% of girls who attend coed schools major in this those fields
  • Nearly 80% of graduates play competitive sports and a majority play at least 2 to 3 sports
  • 90% belong to a community organization such as a charitable, civic, or educational group or arts association
  • 80% of girls from girls' schools hold leadership positions after high school

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