Health & Wellness

The health and wellness of our students and the entire Josephinum community is of paramount importance. Not only do we offer a healthy, nutritious breakfast and lunch to our students every day, but we provide a number of opportunities for our Jo girls to stay active and in charge of their good health throughout the day.

In addition to regular Physical Education classes throughout the school-week, Josephinum offers a wide range of sports, clubs, and activities to keep our students moving and focusing on their physical health, including, but not limited to:

  • Sports teams (volleyball, basketball, soccer, and softball)
  • Walking path for Pedestrian Club and student/staff's personal use
  • JD4L Dance Team
  • Yoga Enrichment
  • Longboarding Enrichment
  • Soccer Enrichment

Wellness programming focuses on holistic wellness, so in addition to tackling physical health, there is a focus on social and emotional wellbeing. Some highlights include:

  • Collection of student data using a wellness survey at the beginning and end of each school year to ensure that wellness programming meets student needs
  • A new Freshman Seminar course that focuses on social-emotional learning, executive functioning, wellness, and writing.
  • Monthly wellness assemblies with themes such as setting year-long intentions, building community on Unity Day in response to National Bullying Prevention Month, and spreading gratitude
  • Optional wellness lunches for students to share their voice on how personal wellness is going and to provide insight into programming for the upcoming month

Our Health and Wellness policy can be found in our Student/Family Handbook.